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enes +506 2239 4710 +506 2293 6256 +506 2235 4959 Apto. 4029-1000, San Jose, Costa Rica
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Cable way system

Complete installation of the cable way system

We have the equipment and personnel for the installation of the cable way system, Our national and international experiences in Costa Rica, México, Senegal, Mozambique, Camerún, Costa de Marfil, Ghana, Puerto Rico, Haití, República dominicana, Guatemala and others, have given us the knowledge and expertise to assist you in the design, construction and implementation of you projects

Cable way

Steel cable.
Cable diameter 11.11 mm.

Tractor with Diesel motors

Automatic transport for products such as bunches of bananas, palm, pastures, ornamental plants and other, from the field to the packing plant.

Square Tower

Galvanized 1¼” steel pipe.

Special for curves, single and double cable way lines.

Round tower

Galvanized 1¼” steel pipe.

Special for straight-line cables.

Base plate and Wedge for post

Base plate

Galvanized 1020 steel, 3/16” thick plate.

Electrolytic zinc plating process.

Wedge hot forged and galvanized steel.


Galvanized steel material.

Special for joining cable ways sections.

Cable Grip

Galvanized steel material.

Used on the end posts.

Clips and screws

Stainless steel 0.9 mm sheet.

Built on different sizes and holes types both round and slotted.

Used along with Z hooks as a firm, fixing and supporting system for the cable way.

They come with nut and locknuts.

End post

Post that is located at the end of the cable way.

gancho z

Hooks Z

Galvanized 1020 steel Material 3/4”

Special to work on the towers.

Trolley separators

Used to separate trolleys with a distance to precaution of the product.

Built for both T and U trolleys.

Design Solutions

Parcking house

We design and build the complete parcking house.

Water tank

We design all kinds of tanks for washing fruits, built with stainless steel sheet or Iron.