enes +506 2239 4710 +506 2293 6256 +506 2235 4959 Apto. 4029-1000, San Jose, Costa Rica
enes +506 2239 4710 +506 2293 6256 +506 2235 4959 Apto. 4029-1000, San Jose, Costa Rica
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Located in Heredia, Costa Rica and with more than forty years of serving the national and international banana industry, with all the transportation equipment and accessories (Cable Way System), Equipos El Prado S.A currently serves the entire industry (both in the agricultural and industrial in general). We have more than 20 years of offering conveyor belts and rollers to various industries. Now we offer, together with our experience, a new and varied product lines that can be useful for the handling, manipulation and disposition of your materials or products, in a more efficient way, where you need it.

Factory’s Story

Our products have been beneficial for producers of banana, pineapple, tomato, palm, cocoa, flowers, wood and others. Also, our produts are used in soft drink bottling machines, distributors of food products, pharmaceuticals, clothing distributors, airport terminals and containers.


Satisfy the individual needs of our clients and their expectations, through the planning and implementation of comprehensive and effective solutions for the management of their products, aimed at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their production process.


To be recognized as a leading company in the national and international sphere for the high quality of our products and services and thus generate added value to our partners, collaborators, customers and suppliers.

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